New Book Out Now

If you would like to buy a signed copy directly from me, I am happy to post it anywhere in the world for the price of €17.00 per copy incl P&P. Please contact me at if you would like more details, a specific dedication for a present etc or if you want a price on more than one copy. I can send an electronic invoice through Paypal which you can pay with either a Paypal account or any credit/debit card. I’m also happy to accept a postal order or a cheque. Again, email me for further details.

Bookshops it is available in thus far:

On the Top Selling Titles shelf in the Waterford Book Centres Local Interest Section

For more information of other online sales options go here.

  • Here’s what some people have said about the book (new section 24th Oct, hopefully I will be able to add to it over time 🙂
  • Julie on twitter: When you have an early read and next minute the tea is cold and you’re happily back a few centuries. Gold from Andrew Doherty. Would have liked it delivered by packet boat but An Post did a swift job in fairness. Read this book.
  • Pat via email said it was so lovely to see the mudboat on the cover. I remember one day as a young boy being down on the quay with my father and seeing the mud boat heading down the river I asked “Daddy, are they real sailors the men on the mud boat?” With a straight face he assured me they were “Every man jack of them, three times around Cape Horn under sail”
  • Tom from Wexford: Andrew….I finished the book. Will you have another for Christmas? I will I said, Christmas 2021 if I am lucky 😉
  • Brian Forristal via facebook “Finished your book, what can I say, fabulous. So many stories I knew nothing about, I read it in two days, could not put it down, well done. It lifted some of the blues with the lock down looming. Congratulations
Freddie modles the book from Cornwall for me

Saturday October 10th got featured on the weekend edition of the Marine Times

A head for radio! Appearing on Deise Today Photo credit Damien Tiernan. WLRFM

October 8th 2020. Damien Tiernan invited me in to talk on Deise Today, his award winning radio show on WLR FM. A podcast is available here (i start in the middle of it!)

September 30th 2020. The book is finally on sale, online! Phew. Now for the bookshops. I also have gotten copies which I hope I can sell as it has been a long tome without any income from sales.

September 2nd 2020 – There was not much happening over the last few months, but the History Press did try to stay connected with me with a few emails. Today Ele came back to me to say she was back in the office part time and would get the proofs of the changes we had worked on back in February to me ASAP. I turned these around once they came within two days and on the 15th she sent the email I had been waiting for – the book is now gone to the printers. I’m now finished with Ele and its over to Molly in marketing…now the hard work really begins

March 2020 – Disaster…Covid Shutdown. The History Press have gone on furlough for the foreseeable future. The process is now halted.

Feb 2020 On the 4th Feb the PDF proofs arrived for me to look over. The design and layout look great, love the typeset although I’m a little concerned about the photo quality. I know its only a proof and low res, but having spent so much money on them I want them to look right. The hard work is now to try make sure it is error-free. My deadline is the 18th! ( I got it submitted by the 22nd)

January 2020 – Bad news on the book launch. The History Press had been in discussion with the Book Center in Waterford which is seen as the principal retail outlet for my book. Their opinion was that a spring launch might mean that by Christmas the book would be perceived as an old book. They believe that a nearer to Christmas launch might yield a lot more sales. I don’t have a choice, so it’s now set for a late August launch date…bit more time to get it right!

August to September 2019 – Cover Image. A few weeks have now gone into the cover design. I had originally secured a fabulous image from marine artist Brian Cleare of the Alfred D Snow. However, the image was not of a high enough image quality for the book. I got some great help from my usual sources and ultimately Brendan Grogan secured an image that with some work became the cover. This was a photo from Jonathan Allen of the Portlairge, a shot he took while crossing the Bridge in Waterford in 1978. In September a few options were presented to me to choose from. I went for the lighter, brighter image in the hopes that it will stand out on the shelves of a book shop…Time will tell. The publisher also agreed on a spring launch – April 2020 here we come!

July 17th 2019 – Book deal offer

In the last few weeks I have made 8 submissions to publishers in the hope of landing a book deal offer. Today I received an offer from the History Press at lunchtime. Another company asked for the full manuscript, and nothing have I heard from the other six. It came as a great shot in the arm. My alternative of funding a self published book via sponsorship has yielded a poor response. A contract is to follow, and although I know the money will be small, at least after all the hard work the book will see the light of day…hopefully

July 2019 – a chink of light

June announcement – unsuccessful funding application

January 2019 – Intentions for 2019. A new Book

I made an announcement about Book 11 in January of this year, outlined the concept, the chapters and generally tried to notify people of my plans.