New Book Sept 2020 – Waterford Harbour Tides & Tales. Published by The History Press.

The new book cover which includes the blending of two images, the building of Dunmore East pier and the city dredger, Portlairge from an original image by Jonathan Allen.

For more information on the book go here.

July 17th 2019 – Book deal offer

In the last few weeks I have made 8 submissions to publishers in the hope of landing a book deal offer. Today I received an offer from the History Press at lunchtime. Another company asked for the full manuscript, and nothing have I heard from the other six. It came as a great shot in the arm. My alternative of funding a self published book via sponsorship has yielded a poor response. A contract is to follow, and although I know the money will be small, at least after all the hard work the book will see the light of day…hopefully

July 2019 – a chink of light

June announcement – unsuccessful funding application

January 2019 – Intentions for 2019. A new Book

I made an announcement about Book 11 in January of this year, outlined the concept, the chapters and generally tried to notify people of my plans.