Booze, Blaas & Banter

In a new departure for me, I’m going to be one of the contributors at this years Booze, Blaas & Banter. The venue is Jordan’s American Bar on Waterford’s Quay.  It’s part of the Imagine Arts Festival and organised by Johnny Clunno on behalf of the Waterford Council of Trade Unions. Its an early one, but promises to be very interesting.  I’ve wanted to make it along to one of these events for many the year, so its a case of in at the deep end… 
Apparently drink will flow, blaas will be scoffed and tall stories will be told.  I’ll do my best to keep my head clear, at least till I finish my piece.

My own talk will focus on incidents of Impressement in Waterford city and the wider harbour.  Yes I’ve blogged about it before of course but I have some new information including an incredible incident along the city’s quays in 1803

I’ll have the cousin as a sidekick of course.  James (Jim) Doherty will talk about the scourge, or was that the joy, of smuggling in the harbour in the 18th&19th Century.  And yes as a guest blogger he has also brought some of the story to followers of the blog too.

I notice an exotic title on the visit of the ship SS Macuto to Waterford.  I can only imagine Jack Burchell will bring us some details of the crews exploits, something David Carroll suggested in his guest blog, but left to the imagination!

Several have asked if I’ll be wearing the hat…you’ll have to come along if you want to find out

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