Connors Bay, Ballystraw, Co Wexford

Maria White Doyle contributes this article as a contribution to Heritage Week

November 2015, the weather had been typically miserable. Heavy rains had eroded the cliffs along the coast, washing the clay and grass from above down to the rocks below but this particular day the tides had been rough and high and the rocky shoreline had been stripped of debris leaving what appeared to be a track visible winding along to the path leading up to the road. It was the width of a cart pulled by horse, ass, or donkey. According to local folklore, this path had been cut in order to draw gravel and sand from the bays by cart, to be used in building and to develop the roads in the locality.

The actual track was photographed on a walk on the shoreline between Booley Bay and Duncannon on the Hook peninsula. Although I had walked there before I had never seen it, and taking the photo was a wise decision because not long after the track was covered again. It obviously had been cleaned off by a particular type of tide. (I wonder which kind)
It has made me look a lot closer at where I’m walking in case I ever happen upon another treasure !!! I can always hope !

Perhaps deep in The Wexford council archives there may be details of road building, another days work however.

Submitted by Maria to Placenames of the Three Sisters for Heritage Week 2020

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  1. Fascinating! Must watch carefully after strong tides in case anything like this appears – well spotted!

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