How far the Tide drifted

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ery.  It arose from a post by Maria Doyle, originally from Ballyhack. She suggested a photo library taken of my book cover from wherever people read it.  And the title of this online gallery is suggested by Maria too. Please feel free to participate by sending a photo via email or post to my facebook page or twitter page, details below. I will try to include everyone’s submission along with any description you see fit to share. I will update the content as often as time and submissions allow 🙂

October 30th 2017 Maria Doyle

From a winter break in Abu Dhabi. Via Maria Doyle

November 1st 2017 David Carroll

November 1st 2017 c 4.30pm Sandymount Strand Dublin, the tide definitely out!

My second contributor is David Carroll a regular on the page.  David added the following:

“Sandymount Strand made famous by another writer, James Joyce as it was the starting point for Ulysses June 16th 1904! Howth head in background and the two Poolbeg Towers behind. Sandymount is also the location of Mulligans Pub, a very welcoming stop-off for many Deise folk up in Dublin for soccer and hurling matches”

4th November 2017 Ryan Doherty

Ashling Doherty at Tappan Zee Bridge, Hudson River New York
This from my cousin Ryan who was reared in New York but features in the book as he was on holiday in Cheekpoint in 1989 and was a regular on the river with Michael “Spud” Murphy and I. He even shot some wonderful video back then, that is still looked on fondly to this day.

Ryan says “This is the Tappan Zee Bridge 30 miles north of New York City. The original iron bridge in the background built in the 1950’s now closed with the new Tappan Zee opened in 2017. I thought that appropriate and very fitting. Change everywhere”

6th November 2017 Anne Keough Keehn

Anne Keough Keehn and Liz Hutchinson, my two super models who dared the winter rains in
Washington DC 
Liz and her husband Michael very kindly came to the launch in Jack Meades and got some signed copies to take to America for their visit to a relation Anne Keough Keehn. Annes relatives came from Waterford including Cheekpoint and we have an ancestor in common, my great grandmother on my dads side, Ellen Doherty nee Walsh of the Russianside!

6th November 2017 Avril Bowe

A Prague Reading!
Dean Gunnip (Coolbunnia) and his dad Pat were in Prague over the weekend and they had the book along for?…  Well I’m not sure what they had the book along for, but I’m delighted to get this photo from them. Thanks lads

6th November 2017 Maria McMullen

Jerry & Maria enjoying some wintry sun

Maria’s dad hailed from the Cross Roads Cheekpoint originally and we meat during the year on one of our local places and people tours.  Her husband Jerry originally hailed from the ‘real’ capital, and he’s a genuine rebel/  Maria says “Enjoying Andrew Doherty’s book Before the tide went out takes me back to lovely times spent in Cheekpoint Waterford.Saved my book for my trip to Ramsgate Kent and the weather is lovely.”

9th November 2017  Brendan Doherty & Family.  

Musician Brendan Doherty showing off his copy on Atlantic Beach Florida.  Brendan grew up in Faithlegg only a mile away from here, but he has sure seen a lot of the world.  Weather looks beautiful…tough life man!

10th November 2017.  Carmel Jacob

Special delivery today to Carmel and her Brother Clem, at his business premises of Clem Hire.  We grew up together in Cheekpoint.  Apparently the book was supposed to be a surprise for Clem for Christmas!  He was reading it as I left…

10th November 2017  Julie Ward

Its nice to see the staff at Ardkeen Quality Foodstores getting a break from all their hard work especially at 6pm on a busy Friday afternoon.  Their star barista Joe Foley seems to be taking it all in his stride.

12th November 2017 Anne Keough Keehn 

Anne seems to be bringing her copy on holidays with her too…this from the Iguazú Falls, Argentina

19th November 2017 Eamonn Doolan

Eamonn sent on this interesting image from Lowestoft in England. Its the most easterly point in the UK but I think Eamonn was possibly drawing a paralle between it and the theme of my own book. Like Waterford harbour Lowestoft has evidence of one of the earliest settlements in the UK and also like the harbour it was famed for its rich fishery. Sadly now much diminished, but at least they have an oil industry…for now.

Eamonn also posted a review of my book on Facebook recently.  I will leave the last words with him:

Well I have read the book and re read some of the chapters in this book, what a fantastic insight into the thoughts of a young lad growing up in a small fishing village in Cheekpoint Co Waterford, and I loved his tales of the stories that were told by the older members of the community, and although I have never set foot in a fishing boat I felt in reading his words I was with him on some of his outings! although I would have been hanging over the side of the boat!! no sea legs!! well done Andrew for reminding us all that life on the river or sea can be a wonderful thing but can also be a life changer! chapter sixteen. RIP Joseph.

8th December 2017. Edmund Hanlon.
A distant relation Ed Hanlon, connected with the Hanlon family of Coolbunnia photographed outside the
Whitehouse at Christmas time.  

Ed quipped, in a swipe at the present President “Here’s a photo for your global readership gallery. My guess is that the guy living in the house behind me will prefer to wait for the film adaptation”  

7th January 2018. Joan Cosgrove

Joan and her husband Bob, from Longview, Washington on the Columbia River were one of the first to buy an e book, and quickly followed it up with a physical copy. They came to Ireland in 2014 (photo above of them in Kilarney), and met with Maria Doyle in Ballyhack as Bob was tracing his Irish routes in the village. Seasoned travelers in their 80’s, hopefully they make it back again soon.

8th January 2018. Ronan Allen

Ronan kindly sent on the photo above, and chose a very fitting spot in Australia as a backdrop: “Attached is a photo of the book being read at the Fishermans Memorial in Freemantle Western Australia. There is a commemoration here on Wednesday to honour the Fenians that arrived on the last convict ship 150 years ago”

January 15th 2018. Jacinta Doherty Lorimer

What Jacinta said from Stanley Park in Vancourver: “So here is your book overlooking “ Lionsgate Bridge “ in Vancouver , it connects downtown Vancouver to “ The North Shore” the mountain behind is Grouse Mountain- as you can see there is a few mountains – collectively the are called the lions – hence lions gate bridge. The Bridge was built by the GUINNESS family ( yes them Guinness The land I’m standing on was native land many moons ago , they were pushed off and were giving land across the bridge. There is still a reservation settlement there to this day, it’s bitter sweet , the land they vacated is now a national park worth millions ( if not billions ) in property value, but the land they were given is also worth millions now, you could never afford to buy it … Although I wish they would change the name back to the band of natives that once lived there.”  
It’s an interesting link to the theme of the book, a culture and way of life being removed!

How Far the Tide Drifted has certainly taken me to some far off places and this week its Yamhill, Oregon.  Thanks to Joan and Janet (photographed) Cosgrove for going to the bother of posting this photo.  Yamhill is apparently noted for its cherry’s and sheep, here’s some extra info too,_Oregon

May 16th 2018 Frank and Ann Murphy

Frank and his wife Ann, who took the photo, travelled by train to Limerick and while there beside the banks of the Shannon and overlooking John’s Castle he paused for a photo.  Of the trip, Frank had this to say; “In my youth Co. Limerick & City were probably more familiar to me than Waterford. A different social story but like your own consigned to history.  I know my Mum would have enjoyed a good read of the book. Hence my trip there. (A home away from home in my youth.)”  Frank has been a long term supporter of my work, including the book and I very much appreciated the photo. 

August 9th 2018 Yvette Davis

An appropriate sculpture as a background I must say. Eoghan Hegarty and his children Donnacha and Alice pose with my book at Memensha, Martha’s Vineyard while on a family holiday to relatives.  Who got a copy of the book for Christmas I’m told.  Many thanks guys, and many thanks to Yvette for taking the photo and passing it along.  I think Donnacha is checking if I have it uploaded yet 🙂

26th July 2018 Anne Keough Keehn

Anne presenting the book to Deputy of Mission, Michael Lonergan, for the Irish Ambassador, Dan Mulhall, in Washington DC.  Was hoping for an invite given that Dan is a fellow Waterford man, who knows maybe in the future!

Tomás Sullivan. 25th September 2018

Tomás Sullivan sent this along whilst working as a safety boatman on the new Barrow bridge which is crossing the river below New Ross.  It was early morning, and a very calm river 

Mark Baldwin 1st November 2018

Mark sent on this image of the book from Cape Town, South Africa via his brother in law Andrew Lloyd aka Bob the Scientist, a fellow blogger and home educator.  I had the pleasure of Marks company previously when Deena and I did a family reunion walk for the Baldwins, organised by Andrews wife Leonie. The Baldwins had earlier lived close to Jack Meades and Knockroe and are related to the Baldwins of Passage East. No strangers to fish then!

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  1. I am trying to get two copies of this book, one for my wife Hanora Doherty and her sister benetta, who are from Cheekpoint. Their father was a fisherman named Andy Joe Doherty from no 1 the Quay, Cheekpoint

    1. Hi Cyril,

      I’m afraid the book is now out of print but a few copies might remain in book shops. I knew Andy Joe very well, and fished for a time with Hanora and Benetta’s brother Denis. If you would like to send me an email to I can suggest a few stockists

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