road testing my template

Some responses to the key areas for the community plan

Rather than design a survey, I have used the mind mapping
format to generate ideas for myself.  I
am listing them here, and also some further notes on the survey idea.  Ray will also send on a sustainability
template from previous word re Ireland-Newfoundland exchanges.

Need to revisit older community consultation processes –
Weisbord etc

As I responded to prompts found that some flowed more easily into catagories so will need to change original key area.  Also whn looking at the responses found that some could more easily fit under the headings below.

People – retirement home, early years setting, community
café/meeting place, quality space to live in, socialise in, work in

Safety and security issues for locals

Health – prevention, access, complimentary, good food, healthy buildings, access to exercise etc
Environment – this is our future we need to protect it.  Habitats; strand, fields, woods, minaun, hedgerows,
river, park, trees

Walks; marsh, minaun, woods, hurthill, church, glazing
woods, faithlegg

Transport;  roads,
place of cars, cycle, walking, footpaths, access to city, river

Energy – wind, river, bulk buying, future proofing,
community ownership

Housing; social, second home/holiday home issue, living
quality, energy efficiency, Radon, elderly, vacancy,

Heritage – Minaun, Farming, Fishing, Sea faring, river map,
Bolton, schooling, Churchs, Ita’s well, Field /place names, (see also fishery
Employment; dormant village – services thereof, social
services elder care etc, resturants, pubs, cafes, shop, post office, heritage,
fishing, farming, tourism, crafts, micro enterprises, working from home,
broadband issues, walks, fishery skills

Fishery; sustainability, value add, respect, trips, angling, tourism, eels, salmon, sheelfish, cod, herring, shellfish

Need for a catch all – people may not know where to put an
idea, what goes under specific category etc

Need for a pilot re its applicability

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