RNLI Mayday Mile Fundraiser – reschedule due to weather; Sunday May 30th 2021

Due to the poor weather of late, I have decided to reschedule my fundraising walk to Sunday 30th May. Its disappointing after all the support and the meet ups I had planned, but I am hopeful that the following week will be just as good. Many thanks for all the sponsorship both for me personally and for the team. Its wonderful to see.

Walking Ryans Shore, Thanks to Willaim Doherty for the image. I actually can’t remember the tall ship coming in. I thought it might be Windstar, a cruise liner rather than a sail training vessel. Alas I can’t find it in my notes.

I decided to take part in a fundraiser for the RNLI this year and I have joined with the Dunmore East crew. Fundraising has been difficult for all manner of charitable/sporting bodies with the Covid restrictions so this is my way of trying to contribute.

People are making all kinds of efforts in an effort to raise some badly needed funds. To contribute is very easy, you can donate online to any of the Dunmore East team here.

My own idea is to walk from Cheekpoint to Dunmore East on Sunday 23rd 30th May. Now of course I will be trying to stay off-road, so my plan is to stick as close to the river and the old coastal paths as possible, so as such I will be following in the steps of the earliest people to live in the area.

And I am also looking forward to meeting some friends along the way to tell me something about the harbour’s rich history as I go. So far Damien McLellan will meet me at the Hurthill and walk with me to Passage East to talk about medieval pilgrimage. Breda Murphy will meet me in Crooke and walk along the Barrack Strand to talk about the cockle pickers. Michael Farrell will meet me in Killea and tell me some of the political struggles to do with the Land League, Aine Whelan will meet me in Dunmore East Park where I will learn more of her research into the finding of an Auk on the coast. Conor Donegan will tell me about his research into the WWI rea in the village and Brendan Dunne will meet me at the end and hopefully have a basin of ice for my feet. I’m hoping a few more might be added to that list before Sunday 🙂

These stories will be posted online that morning on my Twitter and Facebook accounts in the hopes that followers can enjoy the experience and perhaps be encouraged to contribute themselves. Hopefully we will get some fine weather, and I can get a few class landscape photos too.

Via Google Maps, and a close approximation to my route.

So check out my progress next Sunday 23rd 30th, join me to learn something of the harbour’s rich history, and perhaps consider making a contribution to the Dunmore East RNLI team, or to my own fundraising page. Thanks to the many contributions I have received so far, it’s very much appreciated.

Of course you might also decided to do something to support the cause yourself. You can join the Dunmore East team here.