The Project

Tides & Tales Maritime Community Project


The project was started by Andrew Doherty in 2014 as a personal response to the loss of maritime traditions in the Waterford harbour villages and has since developed to incorporate the extent of the tidal portions of the Three Sister River network, Barrow, Nore & Suir and the Waterford coastline.  The project focuses on the maritime and fishing heritage that was once an intrinsic part of the communities, fishing, commercial and leisure through research, writing and dissemination.  The work is communicated online, in books, presentations, workshops, walks and educational settings.     

Voluntary Management Committee

In December 2023 a voluntary committee was formed to seek to secure funds to offset the costs of the work which up to that point had been entirely self-financed through personal means, walks and talks etc. The work was and is also supported with information and images by many contributors and mentors with a deep interest in the maritime community, local history, traditions and heritage.


To see the maritime communities of Waterford harbour and the Three River Sisters (Suir, Barrow and Nore) reclaim and preserve their rich historic heritage and become again vibrant places of work and opportunity for all the people. 


To foster a deeper understanding, appreciation of the culture and economic potential of the unique location where the Three River Sisters flow to the sea through researching and promoting the stories and traditions of its people, places, trades and river craft.


  1. To raise awareness of the rich historic and cultural heritage of these communities that may not be forgotten or taken for granted.
  2. To research, record, document and publish the maritime stories and traditions that are in danger of being lost forever.
  3. To establish a working group that can support this work and put it on a more permanent basis.
  4. To finance a co-ordinator who can take a lead role in this work.
  5. To raise funds by sourcing grants and other income streams that are available and relevant to the project.  


The Management Committee is a not-for-profit group.

The aims of the Management Committee are as follows:

  • Maintain and support the existing body of work.
  • Examine the feasibility of identifying and establishing an appropriate formal framework to support the work.
  • To develop a pilot project proposal.
  • Explore funding options.

3.1 Our Values:

This project has been driven since inception by the principals of community development.  It was born out of a desire to strengthen the social capital and community pride of the maritime communities of the estuary and rivers.  Some specific values that guide me include:

  • Awareness Raising.  To raise the consciousness of what we have in terms of location, history, knowledge and skills.
  • Empowerment. Seek to encourage an appreciation and respect in the traditions of this maritime community with a view to getting people engaged, excited and involved.
  • Participation. Seek ways to include people of all ages in the process of researching, communicating and preserving the heritage of our community.
  • Respect.  Model respect and pride in our maritime traditions and those who practiced them and work to foster a shared appreciation of this in everything we do.
  • Social Justice. Strive to put a focus on the issues impacting the maritime villages and communities and ensure that any benefits are directed towards these and not those already doing well.

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