thinking towards a community plan

Some notes on areas
for an action plan

Possibility of using an electronic survey – survey monkey to
do some initial information gathering via current email addresses of mine, the
community alliance group and via the village facebook page.

Need to explore the potential of a community enterprise structure
– >

Need to consider a decision making and governance structure.

Need to explore potential funding for many of the activities.

Possible structure

People – Early years
– youth – families – elderly:  Audit of

Services – what
we have and what’s required for the area into the future

audit of what we have, the potential, the needs, the future needs – River –Fishing-
Farming- Tourism – Heritage- Services –

Early years – Primary – Secondary – Tertiary – Adult – Community

Environmental – Transport
– Housing – The river, The land – drinking water

Energy – future issues
and how to meet these

Health – prevention
– alternatives – access

Volunteer section
– Human Resources to implement a plan

Possible methodology

Questionnaire based on key areas as above

Community meeting with stakeholders – representative
of all groups in the community


Parish Council


Thursday Club

Primary School

Credit Union


Irish Country
Woman’s Association

Book Club


Historical group


Friends of
Cheekpoint Quay

St Vincent De

A public consultation highlighting areas of
interest, ideas generated, further input/critique

Write up of main plan followed by further consultation


Should we look for outside expertise to oversee the plan,
bring some objectivity

Should we look for funding, and if so from where?

Need for a template around implementing the plan, needs to
be SMART at a minimum

Need to initiate discussion, generate ideas, bring some
critical analysis to getting peoples ideas around current/future issues ;
environmental, social, economic

Need to identify some people to support this based on their current
critical analysis and vision for a better future


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